For its 23rd edition, Les Rendez-vous de la Francophonie (RVF) is honouring Acadia and its people, whose Francophone culture has survived, strong and proud, through the years. The NFB at the RVF offers a new year of free programming from coast to coast, featuring both new films and old classics for any group, organization, or institution that wishes to set up screenings either in theatres or online.

This year’s RVF will be the perfect opportunity to screen some outstanding works from NFB’s Canadian Francophone Studio (formerly Studio Acadie). These include the latest documentary by the great Acadian documentary filmmaker Monique LeBlanc, Higher Than Flames Will Go, a moving film adaptation of Louise Dupré’s famous poem of the same title; and Jack Kerouac’s Road – A Franco-American Odyssey, a portrait of Jack Kerouac by renowned Acadian author and director Herménégilde Chiasson. The idea of Acadia, with its inspirational, free and resilient people, naturally connects to other NFB films about the Francophonie in motion, such as Kenbe la, Until We Win. This Will Prosper documentary paints a vibrant picture of Alain Philoctète, a Haitian-born artist, philosopher, and activist living in Quebec who dreams about bringing permaculture to his native land.

Many other great productions are part of the seven programs offered this year: Kacho Komplo, and Wind, to name just a few. The inclusion of Parliament: The Virtual Experience marks the first time the NFB has featured an interactive production in its RVF programming. Acadians have demonstrated a will to preserve their language and culture, making New Brunswick Canada’s only officially bilingual province. A cornerstone of Canadian identity, bilingualism is central to the democratic undertakings at the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa. The tour of this historic and highly symbolic building can be experienced on mobile phones, tablets, or VR headsets. The programs for children are also inspired by the idea of Acadia in motion. The Explorations program, for young children, includes Peep and the Big Wide World, while Discovering Acadia and Other Places, aimed at ages 8 and up, is a selection of classics and animated vignettes about the Acadian people. Pimp My Boat, an NFB classic, kicks off this program with humour, colour and exuberance.

The NFB’s programming for the 2021 RVF is sure to make a warwarie (a “big noise” in Acadian French) in every province and territory.

Seven programs

Program 1

Poetic Documentary

A renowned Acadian filmmaker adapts Louise Dupré’s 2011 Governor General’s Award-winning book of poetry

Program 3

Francophonie in Motion

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On the Web all year long

In addition to the public screenings, you can also watch films year-round on our page dedicated to the Francophonie, which offers a list of curated works that honour the diversity of Canada’s Francophonie.

Please forward this information to as many people as possible, so they can enjoy the NFB’s free RVF 2021 program.

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