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Acadian Destinations Contest Winner:

Ginette Bernard (Quebec)

The contest is over, but keep learning while having fun!

Put your language skills to the test while touring Acadia! You’re playing for a chance to win a Canadian train trip for four (4) people, provided by VIA Rail and valued at up to $5,000.

You can enter the contest only once per day. You must get all the answers right to be entered in the draw.

The questions were prepared by the Language Portal of Canada, an initiative of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau.

Presented by VIA Rail and the Language Portal of Canada (an initiative of Public Services and Procurement Canada’s Translation Bureau).

Click on the correct word in the sentences below.

If you need a hand, your tour guide will tell you where to find the right answer!
If you’re ever in Bathurst, be sure to check out the beautiful Pabineau Falls! Just ask the local Bathurstians / Bathurstonians how to get there.
You’ll find the answer in the Language Portal’s article called “demonyms in Canada” .
With the Miramichi River being over 200 km long, Miramichiers / Miramichians have ample opportunity to take part in water activities, from boating to fishing to tubing.
Check out the Language Portal’s article “demonyms in Canada.” .
Upper Sackville was known as Tintamarre when the Acadians settled it in 1708. These days, residents of Sackville are called Sackvillers / Sackvillians.
Have you checked the Language Portal’s article “demonyms in Canada” ?

Click on the correct word in the sentences below.

Remember that your tour guide is here to help if you need it!
The Festival acadien de Caraquet showcases the work of a large amount / number of Acadian singers, musicians and poets.
The Language Portal explains the difference between these two words in the article called “amount, number” .
The New Brunswick Aquarium and Marine Centre is a great place to learn about Maritime ecology and aquaculture. It’s fun for the whole family, all right / alright!
I wonder what the Language Portal has to say about these words. Read the article “all right, alright”  to find out.
Singer Caroline Savoie, who’s / whose hometown is Dieppe, has won many awards, including the SOCAN Best Song Award.
Psst! Don’t forget to read the article “who’s, whose” .

Fill in the blanks in the sentences below by clicking on the correct answer.

Feel free to take a tip from your guide if you need it!
Mont-Carmel _____ was originally known as Le Grand Ruisseau.
  • a) Prince Edward Island
  • b) , Prince Edward Island,
You’ll find what you’re looking for in the Language Portal’s article “commas in geographical names and addresses” .
Arichat, located on Isle Madame, was considered a strategic site because its natural harbour was deep and ______.
  • a) well protected
  • b) well-protected
A number of homes and shops in Lower West Pubnico’s Historic Acadian Village _____ how Acadia’s pioneers lived.
  • a) show
  • b) shows
Have you read the Language Portal’s article “verb agreement with number” ?

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